Authors For Fireys


Digital preservation and curation books up for auction as part of #AuthorsForFireys

I recently participated with my co-author Ross Harvey in the Authors for Fireys initiative, an online Twitter auction of signed books, illustrations, unique experiences, one-off opportunities and writers’ services. The auction raised money to go directly to Australian state fire services battling unprecedented bushfire conditions.

Although on the surface my day-to-day work concerned with preserving digital stuff is worlds away from the vital services our firefighters and emergency services people provide, it was great to see Somaya Langley share so pragmatically that we in the information management professions have many transferable skills to add to the current climate crisis we are experiencing.

Our auction’s final total was $520, donated directly to the Victorian Country Fire Authority Brigades.

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters who helped us spread the word during the auction. Much appreciation goes to Camille Peters for her amazing contribution, and to our anonymous donor from the international digital preservation community.

Random collection of info on the bushfire crisis